DMS Studios Stone Carving Portfolio

Hand carved marble and limestone sculpture

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Each of the following stone sculptures were custom designed and hand carved to our customers wishes. We specialize in realistic and figurative stone carving /stone sculpture. The following portfolio highlights our expertise in the classical traditional of stone carving and stone sculpture.

DMS Studios works by commission. We offer a wide variety of designs when considering a stone carving project. DMS designs, sculpts, and carves. We make statues, monuments, and sculptures. We work for individuals, institutions, organizations, churches, or synagogues. View our client list to see our past projects, and contact us to discuss your sculptural needs.

Also, view the biography page to read the story of Daniel Sinclair. The art of stone carving and stone sculpture was perfected in Italy. This is where Dan Sinclair learned the skills and techniques needed to create the wonderful works of art you see here.

Sculpture of Archangel St. Michael

Stone carving sculpture of archangel michael

pieta frieze sculpted in marble sculpture of seated boy back view saint peter sculpture carved in marble roses sculpted in clay and cast in stone stone sculpture of crawling figure limestone lion sculpture hand carved stone sculpture of standing man back

DMS Studios Ltd. offers a variety of sculptural services. We make sculptures in clay before carving them in stone. This process allows us to create a sculpture in a variety of materials other than stone if need be. All of our sculptures are done by commission and per contract basis. Please contact us to discuss any sculptural ideas you have.