Historic 18th and 19th Century Fireplace Mantels

Examples of great historic fireplace mantels

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The following fireplace mantels were not carved by DMS Studios Ltd.

DMS Studios photographed these fireplace mantels to show the true artistry and craftsmanship of great fireplace mantels from the past. DMS Studios Ltd. strives to work at this level of refinement when carving your custom designed fireplace mantel. This level of stone carving was typical years ago, today it's not that common. DMS Studios Ltd. carefully and skillfully studies these great fireplace mantels in order to preserve that level of quality today.

acanthus leaves on marble fireplace mantel

These acanthus leaves are a superb example. The trained sculptor will understand how these leaves turn and lay along the architectural design.

figure on library fireplace mantel

The sculpture carved on this mantel is a complex demonstration of artistic skill. Executed during the English Rocco period in the late 18th century. This level of sculptural work is very rare today.