Sculpted Portraits and Marble Busts

Portraits sculpted in clay and hand carved in marble

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Portrait of a Stone Sculptor

This is a portrait of an Italian stone sculptor, carved in Carara marble. The paper hat is a distinguishing feature of an Italian artisan. Daniel Sinclair wanted to capture the angular shape of the hat, which mirrors the angular quality of the portrait.

Sculpted portrait of Mr. Avery

This life size bust is a portrait of Stanton Avery, founder of Avery Dennison Corporation. Daniel Sinclair sculpted Mr. Avery from this photograph and captured his exact likeness to create a realistic portrait commemorating the founder of Avery Dennison.

Marble bust of a historic figure

This bust was designed and sculpted by Daniel Sinclair.

The bust is an artistic representation of a historic military figure. Daniel begins by drawing and sketching images of a military General. He then sculpts a model representing a disginguished American General. Finally the bust is then carved in a white marble. Marble is the finest material used to commemorate a great American figure.

Marble Bust

This marble bust was hand carved from a model provided by another American sculptor. DMS Studios Ltd. was asked to carve this bust of Vice President Dan Quayle for the United States Capital.

It's not unlikely to have other artists call upon DMS Studios Ltd. to carve an exact match of their sculpture in marble. DMS Studios takes great pride in the ablility to duplicate any likeness in a beautiful piece of statuary marble.

Clay Portrait of Bernice

portrait of bernice

This portrait is another example of clay sculpture by Daniel Sinclair. Dan designed and sculpted this portrait to capture the lively nature of Bernice's spirit, yet balenced it with an inward/contemplative gesture.

Clay Portrait of William

This is a very straight forward portrait bust. Dan Sinclair sculpted this portrait in only 3 days and was able to reproduce an exact likeness of William.