DMS Studios Fireplace Mantel Designs

Natural stone fireplace surround

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DMS Studios fireplace mantels are completely hand carved from solid blocks of the finest natural stone. We hand carve fireplace mantels from a variety of limestones and marbles available. Each custom design fireplace mantel is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and artistic quality. As you browse through our portoflio of fireplace surrounds, please click on a mantel's image to view each individual fireplace.

Phaeton Fireplace Mantel

phaeton fireplace surround
phaeton fireplace cornice and capital

Italian Verde Fireplace Mantel

verde marble fireplace mantel main image
verde marble fireplace mantel detail

Daisy Chain Fireplace Mantel

daisy chain fireplace mantel with mirror

Large Limestone Fireplace Mantel

large limestone fireplace mantel
Limestone fireplace pilaster