Limestone Doorway Surrround

Architectural stone carving & hand carved limestone ornament

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limestone door limestone bracket

This project demonstrates that architectural stone carving, contrary to the notion that stone carving can be heavy. In fact these brackets appears very graceful and delicate. The details are hand carved into the limestone with a very sharp chisel. The only way to achieve this level of refinement is to carve by hand. DMS Studios Ltd. specializes in very refined hand carved designs. We made every effort to assure that the sculptural ornament would be consistent with the original design of the architecture, which dates back to the early part of the 20th century.

limestone door frieze

limestone frieze detail

The limestone frieze above the doorway is completely hand carved and true to this very early 20th century co-op apartment building. The design includes a very intricate egg and dart pattern. Dentals have also been carved directly beneath the egg and dart as well.

limestone detail carving detail limestone carving